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Passion for Boho Style

Boho chic style, embroidered blouse

[EN]The passion for Boho Style comes with the freedom to wear what you feel and what you are, starting with floral prints and accessories, with denim, veil or leather combinations. I love the blouse made from photos of lilac flowers, denim pants, sneakers, and green stones earrings. The Boho style is a relatively new one and first appeared in 1996 in the United Kingdom, being …

Fragrance of apple blossom

Blouse with print

[EN]The fragrance of apple blossoms, coffee and comfortable shoes are the basic ingredients of a beautiful day. Running through the park, the apple and cherry blossoms left a mild of scent of perfume on the shirt with prints from Zaful. Printed shirts can be easily worn with denim pants, trainers, platform or high heeled sandals. The color of the printed shirt is like the white …